What to Expect

Cottonwood Vineyard Front DoorsIt can be intimidating visiting any new place but we will do our best to make you feel welcome.

Our Sunday Worship service starts at 10:00AM and has temporarily changed to do our best to provide a safe environment while we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We hope to go back to “normal” life as soon as we can but out of love and respect for those who have a higher risk of the adverse effects of this disease and with much prayer and preparation, here are the guidelines we will go by to attempt to proved a safe place to worship:  

1.  At this time, all activity will be in Building ‘A’ – the sanctuary or outside in the open air.  You will be greeted and welcomed in the parking lot.  

2.  Masks will be required of everyone, from your arrival to your departure.  Anyone needing a mask will be given one.  

3.  A box has been mounted in the entry for touch-less giving.  You may continue to use automatic banking deposits or giving by mail if you prefer.  

4.  Inside you will be greeted and shown to a seat.  Seating will start at the front.  Our chairs have been respaced for safe distancing.  We will leave three chairs between each family, couple or individual.

5.  Our sevice will be shortened.  Following an informative greeting, there will be a time of silent worship (2 or 3 songs) and Randy’s message.  You will exit the sanctuary by rows from either the back or the front side doors.

6.  Touchless prayer will available outside with safe distancing.  Please maintain safe distancing at all times.

7.  Hand sanitizer will be readily available in the sanctuary.  The restrooms will have hand sanitizer and Lysol spray available so each person can sanitizing everything after each use.

8.  At this time, no coffee, tea, water or communion will served.  Please feel free to bring your own drinks.

9. There will be no sermon notes or other handouts provide so please bring your own Bible, paper and pen.

10.  There will be no Kids Church or youth group activities, yet, but everyone is welcome to attend the main service.